Styles, Styles Me
Season One, Episode Four
Air date July 3, 2012
Written by Taylor Symoné
Directed by Unknown
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This is the fourth episode in the Last Friday Night series. Harry Styles from One Direction is guest starring, trying to help Anthony with his relationship with Kelsey. The episode aired on July 3rd, 2012.

Main PlotEdit

Harry Styles (from the band One Direction) come stops by Chicago on his way back home from the One Direction World Tour with his new girlfriend. But after Anthony blabbers on his relationship and how he wants to step it up with Kelsey to him, he stays a while to help him. Kelsey has a celebrity crush on Harry. Harry agrees to perform at Chicago High School for a night concert only do if he gets to go on a date with Ariana. Ariana keeps on denying that she likes Harry, but everyone believes she does. Before the concert, Kelsey and Ariana have a fight because Kelsey thought Ariana lied to her, and stop they talking to each other. But Ariana ends up dumping Harry when he gets her mixed up with Brantlee, since they wore the same dress.

Sub PlotEdit

Cody tries to break a world record to impress a girl named Anna. But she flirts with Adrian, and seems to like him. Brantlee shows up and comes up with a plan to help Cody get Anna, but it doesn't work, since Cody finds out that she is a total jerk once Anna realizes Adrian doesn't feel the same way towards her and she turns to Cody for a second choice. But he tells her off, saying that he doesn't want to be anyone's second choice, and she goes home crying.


"Whatever we are has been going on for a couple of weeks and you've done nothing, and I feel nothing..." ~Kelsey

Running GagsEdit

  • Brantlee referring to herself as "the love doctor."
  • Ariana denying she likes Harry.
  • People thinking Adrian and Brantlee were a couple.


  • This is the first episode with a guest star.
  • Tyler was absent for the last half of this episode.


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Ending CliffhangerEdit

"Kelsey sat there, in her bed thinking about everything they've been through since the first day of school. She loved him, or at least she thought so. She had to decide, he didn't have all day, and then the choice was clear. She had decided to..."