Season One, Episode One
Air date June 12, 2012
Written by Taylor Symoné & Kayli McClure
Directed by Toby Matt
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Pilot Part 2
Pilot is the first episode of the series Last Friday Night. It was taped in Last Friday Night Wiki Chat, just like all other episodes. It aired on June 12th, 2012. It takes place on the very first day of Chicago High School opening. It starts out with the students arriving at school with cell phones, but then the vice principal, Mr. Goodman, gets them all in trouble.

Main PlotEdit

Kelsey meets Anthony, a happy-go-lucky sort of guy, who usally doesn't talk to girls that much... or anyone except his brother and his friends. She "finds" his watch and talks to him a lot that day. But when she meets her new friends, Ariana, she gives her advice to go for it and make a move on him. She ends up asking him out. But when Ariana gets her phone taken away from Mr. Goodman, Kelsey must help her new friend, but she gets caught. So Ariana and Kelsey come back to help her, but end up getting away from Mr. Goodman. Then Kelsey and Ariana go off to the mall for a shopping afternoon.

Sub PlotEdit

Tyler, Adrian and other students get stuck with a day of Mr. Goodman hating them. And once they really get on his nerves,(he whacked them with a ruler, and Adrian whacked him back), he sends them to his office, they get away and Mr. Goodman goes looking for them, but gets lost when the second bell rings and the kids run to lunch. But Adrian stays locked in his locker, and Tyler hides behind a vending machine.



"Are we in trouble?" ~ Tyler Mac

"Is this your watch?" ~ Kelsey Morgan

"...Derp" ~ Anthony Evans


  • Brantlee was only mentioned in this episode.
  • At the end, Adrian is still trapped in the locker screaming.
  • Katy was absent in this episode.
  • There is a part two to the Pilot, titled Pilot Part 2.


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My Wikia Movie

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