Last Friday Detention
Season One, Episode Three
Air date June 26, 2012
Written by Toby Matt and Taylor Symoné
Directed by Kayli McClure
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Pilot Part 2
Styles, Styles Me
Great, now not only do I have Saturday detention, but I have to sit there watching you two make out.


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Last Friday Detention is the third episode in the Last Friday Night series. This episode is a The Breakfast Club parody.


The episode starts out with Anthony and Adrian having a poke war. But then, Mr. Goodman shows up. Mr. Goodman has been in a bad mood ever since the last episode, Pilot Part 2. But now he becomes so mad that he starts giving the students weekend detentions, starting with their first Saturday detention ever. He gives the gang Saturday detentions for the rest of their lives. But in this episode, everything is weird. It all starts off when the students get to the school, and all head on over the library. But somehow Mr. Goodman can do, as he says, "badness" to the students. Which he does, he first make Adrian appear in his pajamas in the library after he ditched. Then he sends Tyler and Brantlee to a locked janitors closet in the school, although some believe they went to hell. But then at the end it is found out that he was just using a little kid magic kit he got from the store. It is also confirmed in this episode that Mr. Goodman is Katy's Uncle. The ep ends with Mr. Goodman reading off the letter the students wrote below.


"Great, now not only do I have Saturday detention, but I have to sit there watching you two make out. -looks at Kelsey and Anthony-" ~Brantlee

"My wife dumped me" ~Mr. Goodman

"UNCLE! She has a phone!" ~Katy

"Badness?" ~Tyler


  • Anthony and Adrian disappear in the middle of this episode.


  • It is revealed that Mr. Goodman is Katy's Uncle.
  • Ariana was absent for this episode.
  • This is the first time Brantlee appears on screen in an episode.
  • Degrassi and Victorious have also done parodies of The Breakfast Club.
  • Parodies of The Breakfast Club quotes are said in this episode.

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Hello, Mr. Goodman.

Sorry we had to leave so soon. We're never coming back. But we just wanted to tell you...

Katy, a stupid chick who has a problem.

Kelsey, a girl who wants Anthony to do everything for her.

Cody, a boy who doesn't know what a Mr. Goodman is.

Brantlee, a girl who wants her phone back.

Tyler, a rebellious correction boy.

Don't worry, we won't keep your secret. But our point overall is... WE HATE YOU.