Kelsthony is the romantic pairing of Kelsey and Anthony on Last Friday Night. They met in the first episode, Pilot. They went going on a date, which was seen in Pilot Part 2. In the Pilot, Kelsey meets Anthony, a happy-go-lucky sort of guy, who usally doesn't talk to girls that much... or anyone except his brother and his friends. She "finds" his watch and talks to him a lot that day. When she meets her new friend Ariana, she gives her advice to go for it and make a move on him, she ends up asking him out.



Pilot Part 2Edit

Last Friday DetentionEdit

  • When Anthony says he wants to skip detention, Kelsey tells him not to because she wanted him to be there with her.
  • When Brantlee says, "Great, now not only will I be stuck in detention all Saturday, but I'll have to sit there watching you two make out," Kelsey wants Anthony to say something back to her, so Anthony replies, "We don't make out. >.<"

Styles, Styles MeEdit

  • Kelsey is unsure whether she wants to keep dating or not.

Don't Order From Dizzy'sEdit

  • Kelsey goes over to Anthony's house. He gives her a poem, and they kiss.
  • At the end, when Kelsey and Brantlee go to Dizzy's, she immediatley goes over to where Anthony is standing.

A Trip Gone WrongEdit

  • Kelsey is mad at Alice for making her miss the field trip, because she wanted to go with Anthony.
  • When Alice says the audition is important to her, Kelsey says "AND ANTHONY IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME!"
  • At the end she rushes quickly to the tower when she hears that Anthony and the boys are in trouble.
  • She starts crying in the hospital, and seems very relieved when he's okay.

Episodes with KelsthonyEdit