Don't Order From Dizzy's
Season One, Episode Five
Air date July 10, 2012
Written by Kayli McClure and Taylor Symoné
Directed by Toby Matt
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A Trip Gone Wrong

Don't Order from Dizzy's is the 5th episode of the Last Friday Night series. The premiere aired on July 10, 2012.


Adrian and Anthony try and run Dizzy's while their dad is away, and it turns out to be the most chaotic thing ever. Not is it bad that Cody comes, and keeps asking Anthony random questions but runs off because of sadness, Adrian gets stuck in a big glob of pizza! Now openly bisexual, Cody ends up taking the pizza out of Dizzy's for himself.


Katy and Kelsey must doggy-sit Mr. Goodman's puppy, and Mr. Goodman tells them if one thing happens to the puppy, they'll pay. But when the puppy gets sick, they must take it to the vet to see Vet Kelly, and they also run into Brantlee. Kelsey and Brantlee walk out of the vet and go to Dizzy's once they hear they must stay for five more hours for the dog to get medicine, leaving Katy behind with the dog.


  • Adrian will get stuck in pizza dough.
  • Anthony will accidently create a huge blob of pizza dough, which contributes to the above trivia fact.
  • Cody is officially out as bisexual in this episode.
  • Ariana is briefly seen in this episode, at the vet's.



"I am not a baby. I'm freaking older than you!" ~Brantlee