Branler is the romantic pairing of Tyler Mac and Brantlee Sanders in the Last Friday Night series. They first met sometime before the Pilot episode, when Tyler got a text from Brantlee. It's unknown how long they have known each other. They were first seen onscreen together in Last Friday Detention. They seem to be good friends.



Season 1Edit


  • Tyler got a text from Brantlee saying she couldn't make it.

Last Friday DetentionEdit

  • When Tyler got sent to the closet, Brantlee asked if he died and went to hell.
  • They were both stuck in the janitor's closet together.

A Trip Gone WrongEdit

  • They sat next to each other on the bus.
  • When Izzy started flirting with Tyler, Brantlee was clearly annoyed.
  • When Izzy started bullying Brantlee, Tyler stood up for her.
  • When they found out they would be in the same group as Izzy for the field trip, they ditched her and went up to the Skydeck together.
  • While heading up to the Skydeck, the elavator stopped, so they were stuck in the elavator together.
  • Tyler starts to apologize for getting them into that mess, saying it was his fault.
  • Brantlee says that it wasn't his fault and that he should stop blaming himself.
  • They kiss. ^_^
  • Katy comes and opens the elavator, and they both run out.
  • When Mr. Goodman calls Brantlee a b*tch, Tyler says, "Don't call her that," and they both get on the bus.

Hardcore GirlsEdit

  • This will be a Branler episode, and it is likely that they will get together in this episode.

Episodes with BranlerEdit